Bosley Patch has a new home! We have moved to Lovibonds brewery in Greys Road car park. Please see map. 10am- 5pm every Friday. 


On Fridays you will find me at Lovibonds Brewery tap just off Greys Road car park, selling my wares. There is a little bit of everything good that's come from the garden and the very busy kitchen, I will have been up since way before even the craziest lark baking delicious sourdough bread, brioche, doughnuts and other goodies. I usually screech into the brewery at around 10am always chaotic, nearly always forgetting something crucial! 

 If you haven't already found us please do drop by and see our fantastic new home. Lovibonds is in a great location, bang in the centre of town in a lovely peaceful garden with a safe place for children to play for 5 minutes while you shop and picnic benches for you to rest weary legs or enjoy a doughnut in the sun or even a cheeky lunchtime beer!   I love meeting my customers many of whom have become friends and am happy to share a moment and talk about all the wonders of the garden and the alchemy of flour water and salt. And yes i do do a rye bread and its yeast free too! 

If you can't manage a whole week without veg and bread then don't forget that the Shed @ Swiss Farm is open every day in the summer and I bake an extra batch of sourdough on a Tuesday.