Bosley Bakery

I've always made bread, I love the magic that is 3 ingredients,, and yes that is all you need to make beautiful bread, good flour, water and salt. Yeast? well that can be harvested from the flour itself and cultivated with a little care to provide a lovely fruity bubbling lactic culture that will raise your bread to lofty heights with incredible depth of flavour and much less of the stress on your digestive system.

So now I share this bread baking with the community, baking on Friday mornings in winter just for the market and on Tuesdays in the summer so that there is 'bread in the shed' 

The kitchen has top hygiene rating for Environmental Health and the flour I use is a mix of local millers and some very lovely speciality French and Italian flours that give some of the continental breads their specific favours. In the run up to Christmas there are lots of delicious biscuits and between October and the Easter holidays there are proper German style pretzels, spiced apple buns and occasionally cakes and brownies.

In the summer the range will have to be smaller as I am after all a gardener who bakes not the other way round, but I will canvas opinion and do two or three of the most popular, probably the part rye sourdough which is good for everything and the 100% rye sourdough for wheat intolerant folk or those that love it toasted with smoked salmon or grilled tomatoes.